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    How Telehealth is Impacting Engagement in Play Therapy

    Join us on Oct 1st at 10 am PDT

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    Telehealth play therapy has replaced in-person play sessions for many play therapists. Is it working?

    We will be focusing especially on the therapeutic alliance and engagement with the client and families we work with. Play-based interventions and case examples will be utilized to further understanding and support new ideas for effective treatment.


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    What we’re focusing on…

    4 Therapeutic Powers of Play

    1 Specific Agent of Change (out of 20)


    Learning Objectives

    After this webinar participants will be able to:

    Compare and contrast at least 2 changes in how relationships are built and maintained while using telehealth play therapy vs. In-person sessions.

    Describe how attachment is accessed as a change agent in the therapeutic alliance during play therapy.

    Identify and explore at least 2 play-based strategies for enhancing the therapeutic alliance within telehealth play therapy.


    Free 1 Hour Webinar For Play Therapist

    Presenter: Mary Ruth Cross, MS, LMFT, NCC, RPT-S

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