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    Children and Teens

    Children and teens commonly come to therapy because their behavior or attitude is bothering someone else. It is not uncommon for children to initially feel some resistance to being in therapy. The first goal of treatment is to establish a warm trusting relationship with your child or teen. I do this by using humor, camaraderie and a warm and accepting approach.

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    Adults and Couples

    Adults come into treatment for a multitude of reasons. You might have a growing feeling that you are not doing as well as you would like to be, or perhaps you have been unhappy at work, or maybe your friends or family are complaining about your anger or attitude. Whatever the reason, talking with me can help you sort out your truth and start on a path to recovery.

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    Trauma and EMDR

    Trauma affects our minds, our bodies and our spirits. Whether severe, such as divorce or loss of a loved one, or of a more chronic form, such as living with someone who is verbally or physically abusive, trauma is treatable.

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    Services and Advanced Training Areas

    From struggles balancing work and home to problems with body image and self-esteem, there are a vast array of women’s issues that I would be happy to tackle with you.
    Whether you’ve experienced a loss or an addition, I’m happy to support you as you accept your life transitions.
    I can help you achieve your goals for recovery based on my familiarity with twelve-step programs.
    Parenting is the hardest job in the world — from prenatal to college and beyond, I’ll answer your questions and help you tap into your innate ability to be a parent.
    Causes of stress are prevalent in everyone’s life — allow me to work with you to manage your stress by defining the causes and coming up with ways to alleviate them.
    Transitioning from two households to one can be daunting, but I can lead the way in sussing out all the issues that come with blended families.
    If you’ve experienced a severe physical, mental, or emotional trauma, I am happy to help guide your road to recovery.
    You may be feeling lost and alone or curious to learn more – whatever your spiritual issue, I’m here to lift you up and support your journey.
    There is a delicate level of care that is essential to treating survivors of child abuse, and my warm and soothing approach can support you and your family in your time of need.
    If you are a survivor of sexual abuse, you deserve to sort through your emotions and I will help you rebuild what you lost.
    Whether you have a quick question about your mental health or are seeking a long-term care provider, I am happy to provide you with a clinical consultation.
    Everyone should love themselves, but not everyone does – if you suffer from low self-esteem, I’d love to guide you in your journey.
    My experience with divorce recovery and adjustment stems from my honest and direct approach — allow me to guide you through this confusing time.
    From basic communication issues to addiction and mental illness, dealing with your family can be tricky and I’d like to support you in whatever way you need.
    From behavioral issues to learning disabilities, school related problems can take all shapes and I’d be glad to tackle yours with you and your child.
    Feelings of grief can come in many forms – no matter what you’ve lost, I’ll work with you to regain a solid footing in your happy life.
    Anxiety can rear its ugly head in many forms; I can help you navigate the signs and causes of your anxiety so that you can find relief.
    A shocking event can cause even the strongest person to experience post-traumatic stress disorder – I hope you’ll allow me to show you that you’re not alone.
    Humans are curious creatures by habit – bring your questions to me and let’s work through them together.
    A shocking event can cause even the strongest person to experience post-traumatic stress disorder – I hope you’ll allow me to show you that you’re not alone.
    As a Registered Play Therapist – Supervisor, I am a state-qualified intern supervisor and am always proud to teach.
    Bullying isn’t just for the playground – whether you’re a child or an adult experiencing bullying, let me show you how to stand up for yourself safely.
    If you are one of the 19 million American adults living with depression today, allow me to help you pinpoint your triggers and manage your feelings.
    The physical symptoms of anxiety and panic probably feel neverending – come to me and let’s work together to find a way to work through your feelings.
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    Spiritual Issues
    Child Abuse Treatment
    Sexual Abuse
    Clinical Consultation
    Self Esteem
    Divorce Recovery
    School Related Problems
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    Issues of Abuse
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